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@Home Integrations has hundreds of successful installations right here in the tri-state.  For many years we have been listening to our clients needs and designing the perfect custom solution to meet and even exceed their expectations. Here are just a handful of pictures representing what our firm brings to the table.


To all the staff at @Home,

We would like to thank @Home for a great job with our lighting and media system improvements. We built a 5,000 sq ft home in 2003 and used a family friends new business to install all of our security, lighting controls and media system. We had friends who also used this company at the same time. Being a new business there we no previous references. To make a long story short the company failed to properly complete the job and all the programming necessary to make the system function as it should have. We were told by numerous people we had great equipment and the system just needed to be programmed better. After 3 years of living with the system not functioning properly we called the crestron rep who referred us to someone in our area. This was @Home.

We met with Dave Miller the president who understood our dilemma and had other clients worse off then us from the same company we had used. He laid out some of the options and for 2 more years we pondered just scrapping what we had done initially and going to other options. We honestly were afraid also to trust that another company would take care of our problems and be there for us in the future. In the spring of 2009 after trying to budget to fix all that we needed done and deciding that fixing the system made the most sense we contacted Dave Miller once again.

Dave came out and we discussed what media/audio things were important to our family. He shared equipment options that made sense and that the latest and greatest in electronics were not always the best choice for our needs. This company has been there to see what stands up to the test of time, what is neat but not worth the money or the most practical way of doing it. We felt that this was the company to proceed with because they understood we had a budget to work with and we also wanted to do things the right way. The company was completely professional every time they worked within our home. @Home was organized prior to coming out to our home which made the time they actually had to be here even less. The improvements made and the new equipment we added make the system so much more functional than we ever thought possible after our first encounter with a different company. We have been completely satisfied with the audio/video, security portion and the lighting control now being maintained by @Home.

We would highly recommend @Home to anyone and we are very glad we decided to fix the system so that we could benefit from it's convenience for years to come. The next time we decide to add onto the system or upgrade the system it will make our decision to go with @Home a much less stressful choice.

Very grateful and appreciative.

The Schmidt Family


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